Introductory Training

Understanding the harmful effects of trauma on our students is the first step in bringing about more effective instruction.  Strategies to counterbalance trauma and build student self-efficacy leads to rapid academic gains for students.

Research and Data

Utilizing current research on effective practices, then gathering the right data to measure progress in academic gains are important aspects of teacher training that ensure the learning needs are met for all students.

Scaffolded Support

Sustainable academic gains occur through follow-up support with classroom teachers and administrators.  Strategic planning for continuous and comprehensive schoolwide improvement ensures every student in every grade excels.


More Bang for Your Training Dollar.

High-quality, high-transfer staff development with immediate impact on student academic growth is the hallmark of our work.  See our workshop flyer for details.

Comprehensive Schoolwide Practices Ensure Sustainable Improvements

Strategic planning ensures all aspects of schoolwide best practices are in place and supported so that newly acquired gains continue. See the brochure on how our consulting service works to bring sustainable schoolwide improvements.


Next Steps...

Call now.  716-440-4189 or email Susan to set up a meeting and discuss how White Waves Education Consulting can address your school's needs.