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Our Philosophy

Providing educators with the practical understanding and skills to meet the learning needs of their students means our work must be grounded in knowledge and research on teaching and learning.  Our work does not stop there.  Post-training observations and ongoing discussions are essential to ensure newly acquired skills are implemented in practice with fidelity.  The scaffolded support is what brings about sustainable improvements in classroom practices that lead to academic growth and success for all students.

Meet the Executive Director

of White Waves Education Consulting

Focused on strong academic growth for all students, Susan Ciminelli has been an educator since 1977, working as a public school teacher, teacher trainer, technology coordinator, Apple Education Grant author and award recipient, school principal, data manager/analyst, and now consultant for Title 1 schools. Susan has received extensive training in brain-based instruction and educating children who are impacted by poverty.

Her experience with Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies, Response to Intervention, and Collaborative and Proactive Solutions is very helpful to the schools she works with to address behaviorally-challenging students develop the communication and social-emotional skills they need to succeed in school.

Susan brings depth, practicality, and a human touch to her work that makes the connections required to achieve lasting positive change in classroom instruction.

Susan presented at conferences for the National At-Risk Education Network in Baltimore, the Canadian Association of Principals National conference in Saskatoon, and Association of Christian Schools International in Lancaster.  She also was interviewed on The Dr. Lucy Show: Perspectives in Education Radio which aired June 11, 2017.

She is currently working on her book– “Collapse of the Hive: America At-Risk” to be released in 2018.

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White Waves Education Consulting - Executive Director

Susan Ciminelli

Executive Director of White Waves Education Consulting


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