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This site is designed to help teachers who work with children understand trauma and learn how to build a positive, nurturing and productive environment for all children. The statistics tell us that on average at least 1 in five children have a mental health disorder in any given year. In our high-poverty schools, more than half of our students in class have some form of chronic stress or trauma triggering anxiety. Children lack social-emotional skills – afterall these skills are learned through our experiences, not skills we are born with. The problem is, many of our children do not have a positive, self-regulated, caring adult available as a role model.

Much of what has been written on childhood trauma, anxiety and behavior problems is from the Childhood Mental Health community. They (like the canaries in the mine shaft) have been warning us that trauma is getting worse. We educators can feel this in the energy drain each day and the uptick in student referrals for poor behavior. But these are intended for mental health providers or parents.

Here’s where this website fits in. Yes – I’ll share information about trauma, what it is, how it affects learning and our children’s brains. But more importantly, I give teachers information on what to do to make learning improve – and life improve for children today. What you find here are practical, doable, daily-practice strategies that support and fit into the daily routines that help students learn Social-Emotional skills, address classroom behavior problems without breaking positive relationships, and make learning more fun and engaging for both the students and their teacher.

I hope you’ll visit often and if you are looking for something, send me a note through our Contact page and I’ll do my best to answer your question or need.

–Susan Ciminelli

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